Authors Title Time
Workshop Organisers INTRODUCTORY REMARKS 15:00-15:10 GMT
Nancy Green RST and Practical Reasoning 15:10-15:40
Giulia D’agostino Let’s explain what we argue for. The argumentative function of explanations in Earnings Conference Calls 15:40-16:00
Loris Isabettini The Interplay of Kisceral Argumentation, AudioSonic Resonance, Secular Mysticism, and Natural Argumentation in Computational Models 16:00-16:15
Trevor Bench-Capon The Role of Intermediate Factors in Explaining Precedential Constraint 16:30-17:00
Daniel Konstantynowicz, Francis Wojciechowski and Procheta Sen Finding Important Arguments from a Legal Case 17:00-17:20
Nancy Green Deontological Argumentation Schemes 17:20-17:40
Simon Wells & Mark Snaith On The Role of Dialogue Models in the Age of Large Language Models 17:45-18:00
PLENARY “LLMs, ML, & AI in Argumentation “ 18:00-18:25
Workshop Organisers CLOSING REMARKS 18:50-17:00